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How You Can Clean That Floor — And Keep It Clean

Do you struggle to keep your floors cleaned? Maintaining clean floors isn’t easy, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. If you want to know how you can clean that floor — and keep it looking clean — you’ll want to check out these housecleaning tips. Find out more here:

Always Clean Your Counters First

Many people make the mistake of cleaning counters after they’ve cleaned their floors. In many cases, this can cause you to wind up dirtying your floors again right after you’ve cleaned them. If you start with your counters, you can make sure that floors stay clean for longer. Cleaning your floors takes time, which is why you won’t want to have to do the job twice.

Try Making Your Own Floor Cleaner

There are plenty of excellent commercial floor cleaners on the market, but these products aren’t your only option. You can also try making your own cleaning products. Baking soda and vinegar are a popular and effective combination. You can also try mixing Borax and water. Experiment so that you can find a homemade cleaner that works for your floors. Making cleaning products at home can save you money, and it could give you better results.

Mop and Vacuum Regularly

If you want to maintain clean floors, consistency is key. In high-traffic rooms, you should be mopping or vacuuming your floors around once per week. In spaces that see less foot traffic, you should still be cleaning your flooring at least once each month. Set a cleaning schedule so that you won’t forget this important chore.

Once you know how to clean that floor, you’ll be able to implement these suggestions and keep the floors in your home looking great. Following these tips can save you time, and it can also leave you with a much cleaner home.